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Caring for our customers

Often it’s the small things that make the biggest difference. Every Ambleside Home looks so great because even the smallest external detail has been carefully thought about
and the best materials sourced.

For me it’s as personal as selling a house to a family member and I try to look after every customer with the same care as I would family. I don’t like the smoke and mirrors approach that others may adopt and prefer to be honest, open and always look for the best solutions to any unforeseen issues. After all, service is part of the overall experience
Peter Mandefield,
Owner Ambleside Homes



Director Peter Mandefield

Customer care

We understand that your home is the most important place in the world. It’s why Peter continually works so hard to create the perfect environment, designed with you in mind, whether this is your first home or a larger living space to accommodate your growing family.

It’s not just about building homes, I like to be on first name terms with all of our customers and aim to build lasting relationships.

To ensure you get a home tailored to your individual needs we work with you through every detail of your new home, whether it’s specifying wiring for wall lights or creating a kitchen that is bespoke to your taste we work hard to make it your kind of perfect.

  • clear and accurate information is given in all of our
    marketing materials
  • we are available to guide you through each stage and advise you on your available options
  • we are always friendly and approachable
  • progress updates on your new home are regular and open
  • pre-move in visits and inspections are encouraged to ensure any snagging is complete and appliance usage is demonstrated


It has been a pleasure buying a new build home from Peter Mandefield and Ambleside Homes. When we first met Peter on site we were able to tailor the inside of our
home to our exact requirements, this included changing room sizes, moving walls and door openings.The extras you have to pay for with other new home builders were standard with Ambleside. Peter was always on hand when we had enquiries and smoothed the path through the minefield of buying a
new home. The build standards are excellent and the products used are both ecologically friendly, have a quality finish and fitted with care andattention. Over the years since we moved in to our new home, Ambleside Homes have provided an outstanding after care service, one that we have not experienced in our previous new Home purchases. My partner and I would recommend Peter Mandefield and Ambleside homes to everyone.Andrew Brown, 14 The Sidings